The College Seal: “Light and Life”

“Light and Life,” John 1:4, is a translation of the Greek motto on the College seal. The horizontal line (zoe) means life, the vertical line (phos) means light. The light comes from above, and through us is spread to other persons throughout the world. The seal was designed in 1920 by W. E. Brubaker. The year 1887, which appears on the seal, is the date of the founding of the College. The seal is reserved for use on official McPherson College documents and publications. It is stamped in raised letters on diplomas and transcripts, and is stamped in gold on Citations of Merit from McPherson College.


Our Mission

McPherson College is a vibrant community of persons from diverse faiths and cultural backgrounds committed to its mission:

To develop whole persons through scholarship, participation and service.

Chartered in 1887 by leaders of the Church of the Brethren, McPherson College has a 130-year history of providing excellent liberal arts and career-oriented education shaped by the essential values of its founding denomination. The Church of the Brethren is a Christian denomination founded in Germany in 1708. It accepts the New Testament as the rule of faith and emphasizes the inherent value of all persons, the communal discernment of truth, the necessity of putting faith into action, and the biblical calls to simplicity, non-violence, non-conformity and transformation through education. Brethren strive to “continue the work of Jesus – peacefully…simply…together.”


Service Opportunities

As part of our mission, students are encouraged to participate in acts of service. All service opportunities will be posted in the MC Events app, online at and in weekly MC Happenings emails. 

Gamma Beta Phi is MC's largest service organization. The Gamma Beta Phi Society is a national honors and service society. Our watchwords are service, scholarship, and character, and we aim to broaden our members' academic and philanthropic lives so that they may graduate ready to make a difference in the world. The MC chapter focuses on the needs of the campus and McPherson community, while also participating in the National Service Project. Because it is an honors society, there are recruitment events in the fall and spring semester for membership. 


Spirituality Participation Opportunities

All spirituality opportunities will be posted in the MC Events app, online at and in weekly MC Happenings emails. 

The Charles D. Johnson Missions fund was established to help McPherson College students to participate in activities that strengthen the Christian spiritual growth of those participating and the people they serve. Up to $10,000 are available to McPherson College students who meet the following criteria:

  • Students involved in activities that strengthen the Christian spiritual growth of those participating and the people they serve.
  • It is preferred that these activities be done in connection with church-affiliated organizations in the United States or foreign mission field. Examples of possible activities include: Bible studies, worship services, Vacation Bible School, prayer walks, and sports outreach programs. 
  • No recipient will be excluded from consideration based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, or status as a veteran or disability.
  • Students must be in good standing with the College to participate.

The Vice President for Student Affairs will administer the funds and make awards in consultation with the Vice President for Advancement. Applications are due in February but may be made at other times during the year. More information and the application are available at Please contact Shana Meyer, Vice President for Student Affairs at, with any questions.


Reasonable Faith is a group on campus dedicated to showing how God and science go together rather than against. FCA's mission is to give MAC students a space to learn more about Jesus and His church. Our vision is to spread knowledge of how to grow in our individual walks with Christ while showing the love of Christ to those around us. Information about both clubs can be found on the MC Events app, online at and in weekly MC Happenings emails. 

There are many apps available that can support your spiritual journey and keep you spiritually-inspired.  Below is a list of apps you might want to consider.  The list is separated into two categories: 1) General Spiritual Wellbeing Apps and 2) Interfaith and Religion-Specific Apps.


General Spiritual Wellbeing Apps


Comprehensive app featuring meditations, classes, and inspiring reflections/talks by some of the most remarkable spiritual teachers, guides, healers & shamans on the planet


Unique blend of films, shows, classes and articles that include yoga, meditation, personal transformation, spirituality and alternative healing content.

Spirit Junkie

Start the morning right and keep the good vibes going with an inspiring affirmation every day.  You can meditate on this affirmation, repeat it throughout your day or set reminders to view it and let it bring you back to center.

Miracle Now

This app provides daily inspiration as a spiritual guide to help expand one’s miracle mind-set. 


Helps improve the focus of the mind by allowing you to go deeper into your meditation. The app makes it a fun event by setting goals that you can achieve and at the same time allowing you improve your concentration. The result of every goal is to unlock a background or a ball or background music.


Teaches you how to breathe, meditate, and live mindfully. There are exercises on everything from managing anxiety to stress relief to breathing, happiness, calm, and focus.  It can help you focus, breathe, stay calm, and create the conditions for a better night’s sleep by practicing meditation and mindfulness. 

Grateful: A Gratitude Journal

Consists of daily prompts that give you something to write about, especially if you are totally mind-blocked. If you do not feel like answering the prompt given to you, you can always choose another one. If you are in a great mood to think and be creative, you can even write your own

Day One

An award-winning app that makes journaling about your life a simple pleasure.  Builds awareness, gratitude, reflection skills.

365 Gratitude

Helps you focus on what is good in your life. You can win rewards and prizes by unlocking medallions when you complete daily challenges. The app features daily prompts that can help you appreciate your family, friends, work, and relationships. Comes with a mood-tracker.


Interfaith and Religion-Specific Apps

Ocean 2.0 Interfaith Reader

An interfaith resource of sacred texts from all major religions.

Lectio 365

A daily devotional resource that helps you pray the bible every day.  The app is inspired by Lectio Divina, a way of meditating on the Bible that’s been used by Christians for centuries, often referred to as Centering Prayer.  Also provides a weekly focusses around six practices that help one live like Jesus: prayer, mission, justice, creativity, hospitality and learning.

Our Bible

Developed by Progressive Christians, this app focuses on spiritual wellness and providing a space where everyone is welcome.  Provides daily devotions, scriptures, podcasts and chatrooms.

Jesuit Prayer

One-stop Ignatian spirituality on the go.  Features daily scriptures, reflection, prayers, daily examen, inspirational images

YouVersion Bible

Enjoy hundreds of versions of the Bible, including audio, bookmarks, notes and reading plans

Tao Te Ching

Provides the complete text of this book written by Lao Tzu

Torah Anytime

Video and audio Torah classes on personal growth, Jewish mysticism, philosophy and thought, dating and marriage, parenting, Israel, life after death, holidays, life cycle and more.

Sikh World

Sikh teachings, information on Gurus, read and listen to the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, read and listen to daily Hukamnama, listen to live Kirtan, listen to Nitnem and other Gurbanis, videos, and more

Heart Space

Provides an inner experience of Sufi spirituality through audio recordings of guided spiritual practices.  Includes inspirational texts from Rumi, Hadith, and the Qur’an.


Most popular Muslim app with full Qur’an, prayer times, audio recitations, Qibla locator, calendar, maps of halal restaurants and Mosques.


Helps to brings calm, clarity and kindness to all parts of your life.  Meditations and mindfulness exercises included to help you reduce stress and anxiety and to help you live happier and healthier.

Daily Hinduism

A gateway to the rich tradition of Hinduism.  Stay informed about important holy days, follow your favorite deity or community, experience important festivals

Baha’i Prayers

 Includes daily prayers, hidden words, bookmarks, Qiblih compass, 95 counter, calendar, solar times and reminders

  1. Breathe.  Take time in your day, at any moment, to take ten deep even breaths. Carve out 5-10 minutes to meditate or practice mindfulness or contemplative prayer.
  2. Ground yourself in the present moment. Focus your awareness on something real, enduring, or beautiful in your surroundings. Discover the wonder and awe that is around you.
  3. Acknowledge your fears, anxieties, and concerns. Offer them up in prayer, if you pray. Write them down. Share them with others if you’re comfortable doing so. Feel what you feel, honor it, and know that it is not final.
  4. Remember you are not alone. Ever. You are surrounded by care and support. You matter. Reach out.
  5. Create and sustain community. Show up for one another. Listen compassionately. Practice empathy. Stand with those most vulnerable and those who suffer the brunt of prejudice and fear. Check in on others. Call family and friends.
  6. Unplug. While staying aware of developments, do not let chaos govern you, but forgive yourself if and when it does.
  7. Practice kindness.  Remember we are in this together. Remember to engage one another. Smile when you can. Bring good deeds and good energy into our world.
  8. Stay healthy through sleep, diet, exercise. See healing and wellness holistically – mind, body, and spirit.
  9. Create art. Discover, imagine, engage your hopes and fears, the beauty and ugliness of our world.
  10. Practice gratitude. In the face of crisis, make note of the things for which you are grateful: your breath, the particular shade of the sky at dusk – or dawn. The gifts and strengths you have, other people in your life, the ability to laugh.
  11. Connect with your spiritual, religious, humanist, cultural, or other communities. Find strength and solace and power in traditions, texts, rituals, practices, holy times and seasons.
  12. Pray as you are able, silently, through song, in readings, through ancestors. Remember the long view of history, the rhythms and cycles of nature, the invisible threads that connect us all.
  13. Practice hope. Trust in the future and our power to endure and persist, to live fully into the goodness that awaits.

In addition, students are invited to find a place of worship of their preference. The following are organized religious services in McPherson, Kansas. Many other denominations and faiths can be found in the surrounding communities. Any student who needs a ride can contact Student Affairs, located in the Royer Center, for assistance in obtaining transportation. Staff and Faculty contacts are also provided where applicable to provide transportation assistance or to answer questions.

Awaken Church

Ballroom of the McPherson Opera House
(620) 654-6131


Calvary Baptist Church
1200 E. Avenue A, McPherson
(620) 241-4316


Church of Christ
700 East Avenue A, McPherson
(620) 241-0088


Church of the Brethren
200 N.Carrie, McPherson
(620) 241-1109

Staff/Faculty Contacts: Tom Hurst (443) 340-6448

Julia Largent (765) 717-4837


Cornerstone Bible Church
224 S. Maple, McPherson
(620) 504-5150

Staff/Faculty Contact: Michael Dudley (620) 480-0802 


Countryside Covenant Church
940 E. Northview, McPherson
(620) 241-4499

Staff/Faculty Contacts: Norman Hope (620) 242 0541

Kerri Snell (620) 242 0530


First Baptist Church
600 East Marlin, McPherson
(620) 241-6400


First Christian Church
101 S. Walnut, McPherson
(620) 241-1390


First Mennonite Church
1161 E. Ave. A – Corner of Maxwell and Avenue A, McPherson
(620) 241-4040


First Presbyterian Church
1400 N. Main, McPherson
(620) 241-1819


First United Methodist Church
1200 E. Kansas, McPherson
(620) 241-3626


Freedom Chapel (formerly Crossroads Assembly of God
1064 14th Ave. – 14th & 81 bypass, McPherson
(620) 241-8641



Free Methodist Church
1010 S. Maple, McPherson
(620) 241-7176


Grace Bible Church
1215 N. Grimes, McPherson
(620) 241-3898


Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
800 E. First, McPherson
(620) 241-1627


Harmony Christian Church
1713 Mohawk, McPherson
(620) 241-6692


Iglesia Cristiana
519 E. Loomis, McPherson
(620) 680-1051, (620) 680-1049


Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses
1200 E Paradise Ln., McPherson
(620) 241-3640


Journey Mennonite Church
201 E. Euclid, McPherson
(620) 663-4244


King’s HiWay Baptist Church
1491 N Main, McPherson
(620) 241-7731


Monitor Community Church of the Brethren
1098 6th Ave. – 6th Ave. & Frontier, McPherson
(620) 834-2278

Staff/Faculty Contacts: Monica Rice (330) 495-8167 ricem@mcpherson.edeu

Jonathan Frye (620) 242-055


Morningstar Missionary Baptist Church
1300 East Kansas Ave., McPherson
(620) 241-3550


MPNaz the Church of the Nazarene
1455 N Main, McPherson
(620) 241-2675


New Faith Fellowship Church
1200 E. Ave. A, McPherson

(620) 504-4217


New Gottland Covenant Church
1700 Pawnee Ave., McPherson
(620) 654-3690


New Gottland Lutheran Church ELCA
1822 17th Ave., McPherson


New Hope Evangelical Church
501 Wickersham, McPherson
(620) 245-0303


New Life Foursquare Gospel Church
811 N. Ash, McPherson
(620) 241-7771


Seventh Day Adventist
200 S. Walnut
(620) 241-0036


St. Anne’s Episcopal Church
105 W Sutherland, McPherson
(620) 241-0298


St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
520 E. Northview, McPherson
(620) 241-0821

Staff/Faculty Contact: Ricardo Rodriguez (620) 242-0551 


Trinity Lutheran Church
119 North Elm, McPherson
(620) 241-0424

Staff/Faculty Contact: Carol R Swenson (620) 489-9914 


Wheatland Baptist Church
1139 McKinley, McPherson
(620) 241-7100


Word Of Faith Fellowship
601 Gildersleeve, McPherson
(620) 241-7068


Outside McPherson:


First Uniarian Universalist Church of Wichita

7202 E. 21st St. N., Wichita

(316) 684-3481 

Staff/Faculty Contact: Kerry Dobbins (608) 658- 2739