How do I order textbooks?

TextbookX is now the official source of textbooks and textbook information for McPherson College. Students can save an average of 60% off list price when they shop on the TextbookX marketplace. Visit the Online Bookstore today to shop for new, used, eBooks, rental and marketplace books.


Academic Support

The Royer Center provides a variety of help services and instruction in strategies for success at McPherson College. We offer subject tutors in our Tutoring Program, writing tutors in The Writing Center, and instruction in study skills and reading skills, through two courses, ID100 College Learning Skills and ID106 College Reading Skills.


We also welcome walk-ins who are seeking help with a variety of college success skills (time management, note-taking, test-taking, stress management, etc.).

The Royer Center also provides Academic Disability Services for students with documented learning disabilities or other disabilities, temporary or permanent, that substantially affect a student’s learning process. If you need assistance with this, please contact Carole Barr, by email or by phone, ext. 2507 or direct dial 620-242-0507.


The Writing Center

Our writing tutors, working regular hours and by appointment, provide a tutoring service for any students, faculty, or staff who want assistance with a writing project.  Tutors are trained to help at any stage of the writing process, with writers of any skill level.  We provide the service free of charge.

Tutoring Program

Our subject tutors provide a tutoring service in almost any subject being offered at McPherson College.  We provide the service free of charge.  If you need a tutor, please contact Carole Barr, by email or by phone, ext. 2507 or direct dial 620-242-0507.


Academic Advising

Academic advising at McPherson College is an intentional relationship between advisor and student as they plan and reach the student’s educational, career, and personal goals.


Housing & Student Demographic Applications

Going to be a Bulldog in 2020-21? Complete this application as well as this student profile.

Applying off-campus? Submit this application before February 1, 2020, for full consideration. Don't forget to complete this update, too. 

Gaming System Registration

McPherson College acknowledges that enterprise network infrastructure utilizing industry standards and best practices creates many hurdles for student online gaming systems. To combat these technology hurdles, McPherson College has created a network infrastructure that should improve student gaming on campus. This document outlines the required information and policies that students will be held accountable to.

To accommodate gaming with off-campus gamers, each gaming system needs a public IP address. Public, IPV4 IP addresses are in limited supply. For the time being, each student will be allowed to register one (1) gaming system of their choice for inclusion in this program.

Click the link below to register your gaming system.

How Do I Know What's Happening on Campus?

McPherson College partners with Presence to promote our events. Simply visit their website here.

Tuition & Fees

The estimated annual costs to attend McPherson College for 2019-2020 for a full-time, undergraduate student are $38,659. This includes tuition, fees, room and board (based on Standard Room and Meal plan).

However, your costs may be lower because you will likely qualify for financial aid. 100% of our students receive financial assistance each year from McPherson College Scholarships and Awards, federal/state programs, work-study programs, and educational loans.

McPherson College has established a financial aid awarding policy that considers a variety of factors including Academic Achievement, participation in Co-curricular Activities, and Financial Need. Our goal is to award enough financial assistance to provide incentive, recognition, and access.



Spiritual Life

The College Seal: “Light and Life”

“Light and Life,” John 1:4, is a translation of the Greek motto on the College seal. The horizontal line (zoe) means life, the vertical line (phos) means light. The light comes from above, and through us is spread to other persons throughout the world. The seal was designed in 1920 by W. E. Brubaker. The year 1887, which appears on the seal, is the date of the founding of the College. The seal is reserved for use on official McPherson College documents and publications. It is stamped in raised letters on diplomas and transcripts, and is stamped in gold on Citations of Merit from McPherson College.

Our Mission

McPherson College is a vibrant community of persons from diverse faiths and cultural backgrounds committed to its mission:

To develop whole persons through scholarship, participation and service.

Chartered in 1887 by leaders of the Church of the Brethren, McPherson College has a 130-year history of providing excellent liberal arts and career-oriented education shaped by the essential values of its founding denomination. The Church of the Brethren is a Christian denomination founded in Germany in 1708. It accepts the New Testament as the rule of faith and emphasizes the inherent value of all persons, the communal discernment of truth, the necessity of putting faith into action, and the biblical calls to simplicity, non-violence, non-conformity and transformation through education. Brethren strive to “continue the work of Jesus – peacefully…simply…together.”

Service Opportunities

As part of our mission, students are encouraged to participate in acts of service. All service opportunities will be posted in the MC Events app, online at and in weekly MC Happenings emails. 

Gamma Beta Phi is MC's largest service organization. The Gamma Beta Phi Society is a national honors and service society. Our watchwords are service, scholarship, and character, and we aim to broaden our members' academic and philanthropic lives so that they may graduate ready to make a difference in the world. The MC chapter focuses on the needs of the campus and McPherson community, while also participating in the National Service Project. Because it is an honors society, there are recruitment events in the fall and spring semester for membership. 

Spirituality Participation Opportunities

All spirituality opportunities will be posted in the MC Events app, online at and in weekly MC Happenings emails. 

Reasonable Faith is a group on campus dedicated to showing how God and science go together rather than against. FCA's mission is to give MAC students a space to learn more about Jesus and His church. Our vision is to spread knowledge of how to grow in our individual walks with Christ while showing the love of Christ to those around us. Information about both clubs can be found on the MC Events app, online at and in weekly MC Happenings emails. 

In addition, students are invited to find a place of worship of their preference. The following are organized religious services in McPherson, Kansas. Many other denominations and faiths can be found in the surrounding communities. Any student who needs a ride can contact Student Affairs, located in the Royer Center, for assistance in obtaining transportation.

Awaken Church
(620) 654-6131

Calvary Baptist Church
1200 E. Avenue A, McPherson
(620) 241-4316

Church of Christ
700 East Avenue A, McPherson
(620) 241-0088

Church of the Brethren
200 N.Carrie, McPherson
(620) 241-1109

Cornerstone Bible Church
224 S. Maple, McPherson
(620) 504-5150

Countryside Covenant Church
940 E. Northview, McPherson
(620) 241-4499

First Baptist Church
600 East Marlin, McPherson
(620) 241-6400

First Christian Church
101 S. Walnut, McPherson
(620) 241-1390

First Mennonite Church
1161 E. Ave. A – Corner of Maxwell and Avenue A, McPherson
(620) 241-4040

First Presbyterian Church
1400 N. Main, McPherson
(620) 241-1819

First United Methodist Church
1200 E. Kansas, McPherson
(620) 241-3626

Freedom Chapel (formerly Crossroads Assembly of God)
1064 14th Ave. – 14th & 81 bypass, McPherson
(620) 241-8641

Free Methodist Church
1010 S. Maple, McPherson
(620) 241-7176

Grace Bible Church
1215 N. Grimes, McPherson
(620) 241-3898

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
800 E. First, McPherson
(620) 241-1627 

Harmony Christian Church
1713 Mohawk, McPherson
(620) 241-6692

Iglesia Cristiana
519 E. Loomis, McPherson
(620) 680-1051, (620) 680-1049

Jehovah’s Witnesses
1200 E Paradise Ln., McPherson
(620) 241-3640

Journey Mennonite Church
201 E. Euclid, McPherson
(620) 663-4244

King’s HiWay Baptist Church
1491 N Main, McPherson
(620) 241-7731

Monitor Community Church of the Brethren
1098 6th Ave. – 6th Ave. & Frontier, McPherson
(620) 834-2278

Morningstar Missionary Baptist Church
1300 East Kansas Ave., McPherson
(620) 241-3550

MPNaz the Church of the Nazarene
1455 N Main, McPherson
(620) 241-2675

New Faith Fellowship Church
1200 E. Ave. A, McPherson

New Gottland Covenant Church
1700 Pawnee Ave., McPherson
(620) 654-3690

New Gottland Lutheran Church ELCA
1822 17th Ave., McPherson

New Hope Evangelical Church
501 Wickersham, McPherson
(620) 245-0303

New Life Foursquare Gospel Church
811 N. Ash, McPherson
(620) 241-7771

Seventh Day Adventist
200 S. Walnut
(620) 241-0036

St. Anne’s Episcopal Church
105 W Sutherland, McPherson
(620) 241-0298

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
520 E. Northview, McPherson
(620) 241-0821

Trinity Lutheran Church
119 North Elm, McPherson
(620) 241-0424

Wheatland Baptist Church
1139 McKinley, McPherson
(620) 241-7100

Word Of Faith Fellowship
601 Gildersleeve, McPherson
(620) 241-7068