Protecting Our Community This Fall

As announced by President Schneider on August 25, face coverings continue to be required for all individuals inside public areas within campus buildings, regardless of one’s vaccination status. Individuals may remove face coverings when in private spaces. This policy remains in effect through October 1 but could be extended based on federal, state, or local rules and regulations. If student vaccination rates increase and the McPherson County Health Department reports lower transmission rates, the college may reconsider guidelines.

Current employee vaccination rates are well over 80 percent, and student vaccination rates are thought to be over 50 percent. The college is offering cash incentives for all students who get vaccinated. All vaccinated students, including those who were vaccinated prior to arrival on campus, can be added to a drawing in November for two $2,500 cash prizes.

Thanks to each of you for doing your part to keep us safe in classrooms, labs, studios, shops and on playing fields.

Follow the links below for the most current information on health and safety protocols on campus.