Spring 2024 Final Exam Schedule

Find the regularly scheduled time for the course. At the top of that column is the day the exam will be given. In the left-hand column is the time of the exam. 


  1. Students are responsible for knowing their final exam schedule and planning their travel accordingly. They should not ask faculty to take exams at an earlier time for any reason other than extraordinary, unavoidable circumstances, nor should faculty agree to do so without approval of the Assistant Provost/Dean of Faculty.
  2. Students who have three or more final exams scheduled on the same day may speak to the Assistant Provost/Dean of Faculty about working with the involved faculty to arrange a different day for one of the exams.
  3. Students enrolled in appointment classes should check with professors to determine the examination schedule.
  4. Student exchange policy with McPherson College is that the priorities of the host campus take precedence. The home campus will be flexible. In case of severe disagreements or student hardships, the schools’ CAOs will consult and determine a resolution.



Academic Calendar

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Spring 2024

Jan 29 Mon


Jan 30 Tue

Final interterm grades due before noon

Feb 5 Mon

Last day to add a course for spring semester

Feb 12 Mon

Last day to drop a course without a "W" and $50 fee

Feb 21 Wed

20th Day

Feb 28 Wed

No Day Classes; Night Classes DO Meet - Assessment/Professional Development

Mar 1 Fri

End of first five weeks

Mar 5 Tue

Down grades (D,F) due before noon

Mar 8 Fri


Mar 9-17 Sat-Sun

NO CLASSES - Spring Break

Mar 18 Mon

Classes convene at 8 a.m.

Mar 19 Tue

Midterm grades due before noon

Mar 25-28 Mon-Thu

Advising Week - 31 and Done!

Mar 29 Fri

NO CLASSES - Good Friday

Apr 1 Mon

Last day to withdraw from a course without a grade

Apr 1-4 Mon-Thu

Enrollment for upcoming and returning seniors

Apr 8-11 Mon-Thu

Enrollment for upcoming juniors

Apr 12-17 Fri-Wed

Enrollment for upcoming sophomores

May 1 Wed

Awards Convocation, 12:00-12:50 p.m.

May 3 Fri

Preliminary senior grades due before noon

May 10 Fri

NO CLASSES - All Schools Day

May 13-15 Mon-Wed

Final exams for spring semester

May 16 Thu

Make-up exam day (end of academic term);

Final senior grades due before noon

May 18 Sat


May 21 Tue

Final spring grades due before noon