Fall 2020: Finishing Strong FAQs

Q: Will the campus remain open through the end of the semester?

A: Yes. The campus is open. The campus remains a safe place due to our compliance with the MC Health and Safety Guidelines. Campus will remain open through the end of the semester. Each student can remain on campus to complete fall semester, including finals. However, the college is giving students the option to complete the semester remotely using online technology. All finals will be conducted online.

Q: Will there be in-person classes?

A: Individual faculty members will choose to continue teaching in-person classes or to complete the semester online. Those who continue offering in-person classes will be prepared to accommodate students who are quarantined or who choose to finish the remainder of the semester online.

Q: Will finals be offered in-person?

A: All final exams will be held online. Students can plan to take their exams online at the time previously scheduled or as instructed by their professors.

Q: Can I stay in my residence hall until the end of the semester?

A: Yes. Residence Halls remain open to students. Residence Life staff will coordinate with isolated and quarantined students to complete their time in college facilities or at their permanent home if they choose.

Q: Will athletes be able to complete their season?

A: Athletics activities will be limited to a few in-season sports that are still able to compete.

Q: What about other student support services?

A: Academic support, library services, and counseling will continue to provide in-person and online services, depending on individual preferences. All campus offices will continue to practice health and safety measures and will be available to students. Campus visitors will be limited.