Housing Application Information

HOUSING APPLICATION & STUDENT FORM 2022-2023 - All Current and New Bulldogs are required to complete the housing application and student demographic form. 

Current Bulldogs:

  • Housing Application is due by March 1, 2022.
  • Student Demographic form is due by April 15, 2022.
  • Off-Campus Request are completed here. We will start approvals in March. See off-campus housing for process. 
  • Current students will participate in a housing and roommate selection process in March, 2022!
  • Housing placements will be announced by June 1, 2022 with final placements on July 15, 2022. 

New Bulldogs:

  • Housing Application due ASAP after deposit is completed with Admissions.
  • Student Demographic form due ASAP after deposit is completed with Admissions. 
  • Off-Campus request are completed here. We will review approvals as able for new students and will send an official approval email informing you about your request.
  • Housing placements for New Bulldogs will be announced on July 15, 2022.  

Questions can be submitted to housing@mcpherson.edu

Residence Life Staff

The Housing and Residence Life team at McPherson College is responsible for the daily operation of each hall and to ensure the students within campus housing are happy, healthy, and safe. Each hall has student staff known as Lead Resident Assistants, Resident Assistants (RAs), and Assistant Resident Assistants. The RA is a resource and program person who works with the residents on a daily basis. RAs are intended to build community in their halls.  Please contact housing@mcpherson.edu if you have any questions or concerns!

Residence staff directory

Room Changes

To change your roommate, you MUST follow these steps. 

1. Talk to your roommate.  Address any concerns or issues that are creating issues for you both.  Work to find a solution to problems.  Give you and your roommate time to improve your living environment.

2. If there is no improvement in your living situation after you speak with your roommate, ask a Resident Assistant to complete a Roommate Contract.  The link is above.

3. Only after the RA Roommate Contract meeting takes place, and there is still no improvement, will a room or roommate change be considered.  The completed Roommate Contract must be uploaded to this request for the change to be considered.

4. If you know who you want to live with, each roommate should complete this form and have the desired roommate sign in the appropriate section.


Our Residential Areas

McPherson College has a variety of residential areas for specific population groups. 

Residence Halls

  • Dotzour Hall (co-ed)
  • Metzler Hall (male)
  • Morrison Hall (male)
  • Bittinger Hall (female)

On-Campus Apartments

  • Harter Hall (2-4 bedroom units)
  • Baer Apartments (1-2 bedroom units)

Close-to-Campus Apartments

  • Lakeside Apartments (1-2 bedroom apartments 6 blocks from campus)
  • Terra Nova Apartments (1-2 bedroom luxury apartments 2 miles from campus)


  • McPherson-College-owned houses (2-4 bedroom houses less than 2 blocks from the College, many connected to campus)
  • Deerfield Duplexes (3 bedroom homes 2 miles from campus)

Off Campus Housing

McPherson College is a residential campus. To apply to live off-campus, meaning live outside of the McPherson College housing units, you must complete the housing application form. In order to request/be reviewed for off-campus living, you must meet each of the following requirements:

  • 21 years old or academic junior by the first day of classes
  • Proof of reliable transportation
  • 3.0 GPA
  • No significant behavioral issues

We create a wait list and approve as able. Students will receive an official notice if approved. Know our wait list is organized first by meeting requirements, second classification, third GPA. If you do not complete your application by the date noted your request will be on the bottom of the wait list. Questions can be submitted to housing@mcpherson.edu

Residential Living Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the college supply for those living in on-campus residence halls?
    We supply you with a twin-size bed, a dresser or closet (depending on which residence hall you’ll live in), and a desk. Students also receive access to WiFi internet.
  • Are pets allowed in the residence halls?
    Due to a variety of reasons, we cannot allow any pets in the residence halls.
  • Can I cook in the residence halls?
    Yes! Each floor of each residence hall has a full kitchen, complete with a toaster, microwave, stove/oven, and refrigerator/freezer.
  • Is alcohol allowed on campus?
    No form of alcohol is allowed on campus, regardless of your age. We enforce this policy for the safety of the campus community.
  • What appliances are allowed in residence hall rooms?
    You can have a refrigerator (6 cubic feet or smaller). Our students do not have microwaves, toasters, or other items with heating elements in their personal rooms due to safety.
  • What is the policy for guests in my room?
    You are responsible for your guests and their actions, and your roommate must consent to the visitor. We also have visitation hours which are posted in the dorms. No guests under the age of 18 are allowed in the dorms without written approval by the Resident Director.
  • What items are not allowed in residence halls?
    We do not allow firearms, weapons of any kind, fireworks, dangerous chemicals, gasoline storage, candles, halogen bulbs, pets, or other items which may interfere with a safe and healthy campus.

Can I Get Renter's Insurance?

Yes! We recommend doing so! While we do not endorse any specific company, many of our students have had luck with this provider

What should I bring?

  • Television
  • Blu-Ray player
  • NetFlix/Hulu Plus/Amazon Prime membership
  • Refrigerator (up to 6 cubic feet)
  • Cell phone with good service/coverage where your college is
  • Computer (preferably a laptop)
  • Power strip/surge protector
  • Sports equipment (football, volleyball, basketball, and any other type of ball)
  • Desk Lamp
  • Alarm Clock (maybe two)
  • Laundry bag or basket
  • Laundry soap
  • Eating utensils (preferably plastic)
  • Cups and plates – plastic or styrofoam (washing dishes in a community bathroom isn’t fun)
  • Twin XL Bedding – Most dorm beds measure 39 x 80 – so you will need extra long twin sheets, mattress pads and featherbeds. Blankets tend to be longer but for comforters an extra long twin is helpful to avoid cold toes
  • Anything to decorate your room and make you feel at home. No holes can be drilled into walls.
  • Iron and small ironing board, starch
  • Backpack
  • College clothes
  • Bath towels, soap, robe, etc.
  • Personal hygiene items (toothpaste, deodorant, etc…)
  • Shower shoes, flip flops, or Crocs
  • Shower caddy for toiletries (if you have a community bathroom)
  • First aid kit, including Band-aids, antibiotic ointment, ace bandage, etc.
  • Umbrella
  • Raincoat
  • Rain shoes/boots
  • Pictures of family, friends and/or pets
  • Swimsuit(s)
  • Workout and/or sports clothes
  • “Dress” clothes (guys, this means at least a blazer and one or more ties)
  • “Grubby” clothes (who knows if you’ll go clean up along the highway, paint someone’s house or need to play football in the mud)
  • Textbooks – Affordable college textbooks are available online. You can also rent college textbooks instead of buying.
  • Write down all electronic serial numbers and mark them with an identifiable symbol, number, etc.
  • Medication prescriptions-Make sure they are updated and you have possible refills. Check into transferring your prescription to a local pharmacy
  • Insurance card

Please Leave At Home…

  • Pets of any kind
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Tobacco products (including vape systems) or alcohol
  • Microwaves, coffee pots, toasters, or anything with heating coils
  • Candles or candle warmers

What do the rooms look like and how do they measure?


Use the link above to check out room dimensions and pictures!

Register Your Vehicle

If you haven't already registered your vehicle for the 2020-2021 academic year, please click here. McPherson College offers one free parking pass to every student, faculty, and staff member.