Your Health and Safety in Fall 2021

As COVID-19 community spread in McPherson County increases, the McPherson County Health Department has recommended we modify our health and safety protocol to require face coverings for all individuals in campus buildings.

Through the first two weeks of classes, face coverings will be required for all individuals in campus buildings, regardless of one’s vaccination status. Much like during the spring, this includes any public areas within buildings. Individuals may remove face coverings when in private spaces.

This policy will be in place August 4 – August 27 and could be extended based on federal, state, or local rules and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance. Based on guidance from McPherson County, if transmission rates are low and student vaccination rates increase, we will likely be able to reconsider guidelines. Employee vaccination rates are well over 80% and we expect to know more about student rates within the next week.

Thanks to each of you for doing your part to keep us safe in classrooms, labs, studios, shops and playing fields.

Follow the links below for the most current information on health and safety protocols on campus.

Fall Check-in Information

Check-in Dates

  • July 28: Resident Assistants move in
  • Aug 1: Orientation Leaders and ACE Mentors move in
  • Aug 2: International Fall student-athletes
  • Aug 4: Football student-athletes
  • Aug 5: Soccer and Volleyball student-athletes
  • Aug 6: Cheer and Cross-Country student-athletes
  • Aug 9: All other International students
  • Aug 13: All other First-time Freshman
  • Aug 15: All other Transfer Students
  • Aug 15 or 16: All other Returning Students

Check-in Instructions

To help with crowds and wait times, we have assigned times for moving into Residence Halls and completing your administrative Check-In. Find the first letter of your last name on the chart below. You will check-in at that time on the date indicated above.

Circle Drive Residence Hall
8am – 9am A - C M - R
9am - 10am D - H S - Z
10am – 11am I - L A - C
BREAK 11am - 12 noon    
12 noon - 1pm M - R D - H
1 pm – 2 pm S - Z I - L

Orientation Dates

  • Aug 12: International student orientation
  • Aug 13: First-time Freshman orientation
  • Aug 16: Transfer student orientation; International student orientation
  • Classes

Classes Start

  • Monday Aug 16: Evening Classes Only
  • Tuesday Aug 17: Day Classes Begin

Orientation Schedules


Friday, August 13
9 AM-3 PM Move-In and Check-In
3:30 PM Meet and Line Up for Sea of Red
4:00 PM Sea of Red
4:15 PM Freshmen and Family Welcome
5:00 PM Family Cookout
6:30 PM Family Good-Byes
7:00 PM Icebreakers with ACE Groups
7:30 PM Res Hall Meeting
8:00 PM Res Hall Programs

Saturday, August 14 - Participation
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM ACE Group Rotations (Town Tour, ACE Group Competitions, and Activity Fair)
Noon Lunch
1:30 PM Pep Rally
2:30 PM Adventures with Tony
3:00 PM Men’s Soccer Scrimmage
4:00 PM Volleyball Scrimmage
5:00 PM Dinner
7:00 PM Football Scrimmage
8:30 PM Karaoke

Sunday, August 15 - Service
Morning Church Services Around Town
11:30 AM Brunch
1:00 PM Service Gathering
1:30 PM Service Projects
3:00 PM EverFi
5:00 PM Dinner
7:00 PM Back to School Bingo

Monday, August 16 - Scholarship
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Class Photo
9:30 AM Rotations (Banner, RAVE, and Icebreakers)
10:30 AM Scholarship Gathering
11:00 AM Freshmen Major Mingles
11:30 AM Lunch
1:00 PM Academic Rotations
3:00 PM Find Your Classes
5:00 PM Back to School Bash
8:00 PM SAB Presents Roderick Russell


Monday, August 16
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Icebreakers
9:30 AM Welcome
10:00 AM Transfer Major Mingles
11:00 AM Bulldog Connect
11:30 AM Find Your Classes
Noon Lunch
1:00 PM Informational Sessions
3:00 PM Adventures with Tony
5:00 PM Back to School Bash
8:00 PM SAB Presents Roderick Russell