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Application Policies and Procedures

  1. Complete M.Ed. Admissions Application
  2. Submit required supporting documents:
    Critical Issue Essay
    Supervisor Letter of Support

Supervisor Information Guidelines

You will need to obtain a letter of support from your supervisor at your place of employment.  This letter will serve both as an evaluation of your candidacy and as an acknowledgement of understanding.  In addition to an assessment of your qualities as an employee, your supervisor should express awareness that successful completion of these graduate courses requires changes in the local work environment.  The supervisor should agree to work with the candidate in investigating the workplace and be supportive of the candidate's assumption of a lead role in creating change.

Recommendation Guidelines

Professional Recommendation Guidelines
You will need to provide contact information for the three professional references.  You do not need to provide reference letters as we will contact your references.  The individuals you select should be able to provide detailed information about you in the following areas:
  • Individual growth
  • Fostering learning-centered environments
  • Leadership
  • Advocating education
  • Scholarship and academic performance


   McPherson College faculty will contact you to arrange the Interview portion of your application. 
There are currently no active applications in this portlet.

Critical Issue 
Writing and thinking are critical for success throughout all graduate studies.  For this reason, we require a written essay of all prospective graduate students.  Faculty will examine the applicant's response for clarity, organization, focus, and ample development of major points related to the topic.
Based on your interest in education, identify one issue in your field of study and provide a critical examination of this issue. Your essay should be:
  • Two to three pages
  • Double spaced
  • Type in 12 point font
  • Formatted with standard margins

Please submit your essay by email to